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Health is a broad field of study that encompasses many disciplines and specialties. Health professionals impact people’s lives and contribute positively to society. The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts that jobs for health care professionals will grow 16% between 2020 and 2030. That’s much faster than the average for all occupations.

Health care job titles include registered nurse, pharmacist, surgeon, and physician. Associate health roles like dental hygienist and respiratory therapist require an associate degree.

The health care needs of a population vary subjectively depending on the country. Studying abroad gives an international understanding of the varied operations of healthcare services around the world.

The structure of health programs:

There is a range of undergraduate and postgraduate alternatives to choose from when it comes to studying healthcare. Healthcare can be offered as a BA or BSc over three or four years, depending on your university. Healthcare programs are typically taught through a mix of lectures, seminars, workshops, and tutorials. The content of health programs varies between universities. However, some fundamental areas of study that one encounters are introduction to health care, critical issues of health and well-being, human biology, infectious diseases, public health, mental health, health care leadership and management and health care guidelines and policies.

Types of Health Care Degrees:

1. Clinical research

Clinical research is an important part of the development of new drugs and medical treatments. It is the process by which new therapies are tested to ensure that they are safe and work as intended. As an international student, one identifies various clinical research approaches and has access to the best facilities and teaching.

Clinical research is most often offered as a master’s program. Most postgraduate programs last between one and two years and are offered in a range of qualifications including MSc, PgDip (postgraduate diploma), PgCert (postgraduate certificate) and MClinRes (master’s degree in clinical research).

The best international destinations to study clinical research are the United States, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

University of Canterbury, Auckland University of Technology, Massey University, Arizona State Universityand Concord University are a few sought-after institutions to apply for admission to pursue clinical research.

2. Health communication

The study of communication in relation to health professionals and health education is a relatively new but growing discipline. This includes the study of practitioner-patient interactions, as well as the importance of communicating health information to the public. As an international student studying health communication, the focus is on research methodology and the investigation of communication from various angles.

Health communication is offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The baccalaureate lasts three to four years. A master’s program requires one or two years of study.

The best international destinations to study health communication are USA, UK, New Zealand and Australia.

Portland State University, University of Teesside, Southeast Missouri State University,
Florida A&M Universityand National University are a few sought-after institutions to seek admission to pursue a degree in health communication.

3. Health care administration

Health care administration deals with the coordination and delivery of health care services in various clinical settings. In addition to gaining a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare industry, one learns about budget management, staff training, record keeping, compliance with healthcare laws, and more.

You can study a bachelor’s degree over three or four years or a master’s degree over one or two years. Research-based doctoral programs last at least three years, but they can last up to five years.

The United States, Canada, and Switzerland are the top international destinations to study healthcare administration.

A few institutions sought to seek admission to pursue health care administration are National UniversityCentral Michigan University, University of the Incarnate Word, Murray State Universityand Wilfrid Laurier University.

4. Health care management

Health care management is the responsibility of the proper functioning of clinical settings. The program provides students with the leadership skills and specialist knowledge needed to successfully organize international health systems. You learn all about the inner workings of health systems.

Bachelor’s degrees are usually taught over three or four years. Master’s degrees generally require one year of full-time study or two years part-time. Research-based master’s and doctoral programs add three to seven years to the study period.

The United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and Canada are the top international destinations to study healthcare management.

A few institutions sought to apply for admission to pursue health care management are University of Essex Online, Dallas Baptist University, St. Francis CollegeCampbellsville University and Westcliff University.

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